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Helpful Electrical Safety Tips & Advice

At Desert Electric, we are committed to helping clients throughout Palm Springs, California, and beyond. To this end, we offer the following helpful electrical safety tips for your peace of mind.

Hiring Handymen

Handymen and semi-pros can make costly mistakes that will need to be redone. These mistakes sometimes cause damage to appliances, electronics, and, in some cases, create an electrical or fire hazard. If a permit is necessary, they are not licensed by the state to do the work.

Dimming Lights

Lights dimming or getting brighter may require a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system. This can be a minor problem like a loose connection in your home, or a loose connection at the utility companies transformer. Larger loads, like air conditioner units, can cause a brief dimming of lights due to a voltage drop. This can be remedied by installing a hard-start capacitor on your AC unit. In some cases, the AC may need maintenance or even to be replaced.

Circuit Overloads

Circuit overloads often cause electrical fires. If you are experiencing a circuit that blows fuses or trips circuit breakers, please call an electrician.

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Electrical Arcing

An arc fault protective circuit breaker (AFCI) is now required by the National Fire Protection Association™ (NFPA). The code requires that all bedroom outlets, switches, plugs, and light fixtures be protected as a result of more than 40,000 house fires related to electrical arcing every year.


Panels creating a strange odor or noise are an extremely important warning. Call Desert Electric immediately to prevent an electrical fire.

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FPE Breakers

Federal Pacific™ (FPE) breakers or load centers need to be replaced immediately, according to the National Consumer Product Safety Commission™. These breakers fail UL calibration tests. View for more info.

Zinsco™ Breaker Boxes

Zinsco breaker boxes must be replaced. In moist climates, the bus bars reduce in size due to excessive oxidation and can cause loose connections, leading to arcing or burning at the breaker connection point. View for more info.

Surge Protection

When is the last time you did an inventory on all the electronic items in your house - and the cost of it all? Did you know you could protect your whole house for just a fraction of the price? It is far less to invest a small amount in a protection system than to replace costly appliances!

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide detectors are an essential part of your electrical system. According to the US Fire Administration, smoke detectors should be replaced every 8-10 years.

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